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1 Bedroom Granny Flat Designs

Both our essential model, The Anchor, and our flagship, The Omega – come in 1 bedroom granny flat designs. The Anchor is practical, functional, and suitable for families and investors alike. The Omega is modern, refined, and unique – the unequalled answer, flawless for every requirement.

1 Bedroom Granny Flat Designs in 40m2, and 50m2

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The original concept behind the term ‘Granny Flat’ coined decades ago, the one bedroom building is now a far-cry from its humble beginnings. If you’re looking for massive living space, or only have room for a smaller footprint, a one bedroom Granny Flat is more than what it seems.

An excellent choice for a smaller elderly or single parent residence, a one bedroom Granny Flat gives the balance of simplicity and independence, while taking very little yard-space away from the residents of the existing house on the property. Another prominent way that a one bedroom Granny Flat is utilised is in a full-sized fashion. A 60m2 one bedroom Granny Flat has many outstanding applications – an upper-scale Granny Flat in a popular area, a secluded retreat for a getaway rental, a modern building for a business-person’s accommodation; the possibilities are endless.

You answer could be a 30m2, 40m2, 50m2, or even 60m2, one bedroom Granny Flat.

Superior Granny Flats from $90,000

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