Transforming your new Dwelcom granny flat into a home can add prosperity to your investment, and it sounds a lot easier than you think. Whether you’ve built a granny flat for your cherished family or as a sweet homestay – applying simple design principles through interior decoration will make anyone who lives in it feel at home.

Here are a few tips to unlock your granny flat’s full potential.

Colouring the Blank Canvas

Colour can play a pivotal role in creating cohesion and setting a mood. Incorporating colour into a home doesn’t have to be as grand as painting all the walls in a different colour; it can be as easy as installing accent curtains or even displaying ornaments. Think of your new Granny Flat as your very own blank canvas; furnishings and furniture are your paint.

One way to add vibrancy inside your granny flat is to choose a colour scheme with two to three colours that complement one another; a monochromatic colour scheme works well, too. Separate them into accent and base colours.

granny flat living space decor

Defining Zones in Open-Plan Space

Many of our Granny Flat designs feature generous open-plan spaces which inherently welcome creativity by offering a range of possibilities as to how the space can be set up. Incorporating a colour scheme throughout the rooms or space can define each zone whilst creating cohesion and harmony. This is where triadic colour schemes are the perfect, subtle, solution to separate rooms without the feeling of closing in a large open space.

In your choice of three colours, choose a base colour that will be used throughout the whole open-plan space – this will serve as the accent colour for the other zones that will be defined by Colour A and Colour B. Take The Anchor and its open-plan Living/Dining space as an example: use Colour A to define the Living Space, Colour B for the Dining Area; the base colour can then be used in both zones as an accent.

Tip: Use different hues to add more visual interest and colour range in each zone.

Granny Flat Dining Room decor
granny flat living space
colour palette for granny flat decor

Another way of separating areas in a space is by using rugs. With the open-plan in The Haven, divide the space with by using two different rugs – contrasting shapes or textures make for discrete zone separation without closing in the luxurious open space.

Raked Ceiling – Let There Be Light

Raked ceilings are the unsung heroes in granny flats as they invite the outdoors inside. The Omega, features soaring ceilings that bring a contemporary finish to our sophisticated design. To take advantage of this design, simply decorate with vertical accents – whether it be with floor-length curtains or pendant light fixtures.

granny flat vertical curtains
granny flat lighting fixtures

Our Dwelcom Granny Flat designs are built for versatility. With these effortless decorating tips, you can certainly enhance the architectural features in each of our designs to add further value to your precious investment.

If you are ready to build your investment portfolio with us, feel free to contact Dwelcom today with any questions you may have.

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