Do you want to make the most of that extra space in your backyard? Building a granny flat behind the main house can provide a variety of perks. One can use the granny flat as a private office or an additional living space for family, a fully-equipped guest house or a cost-effective alternative to nursing facility accommodation for elderly relatives. Moreover, building a granny flat increase the value of a property in two ways:

First, you get a higher value of your property once it adds a supplementary house. Second, you can find a great source of income by renting out your granny flat.

3 bedroom granny flats sydney

Now, coming to the most difficult part of decision making which is the right size of a granny flat. When you approach granny flat builders, they can come up with 1, 2 or 3-bedroom granny flat floor plans in Sydney. However, the decision of choosing the right size lies in your hand.

Let’s First Discover What General Rules Say about the Size of Granny Flat

The laws on the size of your granny flat may vary depending on your local council. In general, the smallest size granny flat that can be built is 40 square metres. And, the maximum size for a granny flat in Australia ranges between 40/50 to 90/100 square metres. However, the maximum size of a granny flat that you are permitted to construct is heavily influenced by where you live.

Do You Have Enough Space for A Granny Flat?

As it is earlier mentioned, the minimum land area necessary to develop a granny flat varies by local council and state. If you have enough space of 100 square metres, a 60-square-metre granny flat is likely to fit. You can build a large size 3 bedroom granny flat in this available space that will definitely fulfil many of your requirements and also add high value to your property.

3 bedroom granny flats sydney

Brainstorming 3 Bedroom Granny Flat Plan Ideas

If you have enough space, then the sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do with a 3-bedroom granny flat plan. You can go with a split bedroom plan by using the kitchen, living room, or bathroom as a buffer between bedrooms. Or, you can also arrange the bedrooms side by side to make way for a larger living room and kitchen area.

You can make three bedrooms the same size, or you can make one a master suite and the others as a home office, storage room, home gym or even a guest room. There are no hard and fast laws when it comes to bathrooms. If you have adequate space, you can have one full bath, one half bath, or two full bathtubs. Don’t forget to add a glass sliding-door opening onto a covered deck to allow daylight to enter your room.

What about the Design- Traditional or Modern?

Speaking of stunning designs, what style do you want for your granny flat? Some designs are more traditional, with a rustic cabin or warm cottage feel to them. Others represent a certain time or place, such as the Victorian era or the Tuscan lifestyle. You can also find ultra-modern designs with big windows and minimalist furniture.

There are no correct or incorrect answers here, but you should consider who will be living there. Your 20-year-old college graduate may not be as enthusiastic about Victorian style as your 80-year-old grandmother. It’s that simple! The choice of the design entirely depends on your preferences.

Some Added Tips for Designing Your Granny Flat

  • Consult a granny flat builder and discuss all your requirements. Yes, this should be your very first step.
  • Look for porch and patio options. If space allows, you may consider adding a porch or patio.
  • You need to be smart about storage. You may look for the granny flat design that comes with built-in wardrobes or large closets to provide you with ample space to keep books, houseplants, personal items, etc.
  • Create a great kitchen space with compact versions of kitchen appliances.
  • Choose a light, warm or neutral colour for your granny flat that will brighten and open up the living space. You can go for large-size windows for natural light.

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