Each year, the colour experts at Pantone carefully select a hue to represent the current moment in design, and throughout the following months, this influential colour echoes across the fashion, beauty, technology, and interior design industries. This year’s pick—a dynamic shade of periwinkle called Very Peri—is sure to be no exception.

Showcasing a vibrant blend of blue and red, the purple colour is meant to inspire joy, creativity, and imagination, making it an ideal hue to refresh your home for the new year. Incorporate periwinkle through furniture, accessories, and paint colours to brighten rooms with a burst of energy. These ideas will show you how to decorate with Pantone’s 2022 colour of the year in any room.

purple paint color lids with flowers

1. Paint with shades of periwinkle.

Periwinkle is a bright, playful hue that makes a daring paint colour choice. When applied in small doses, it can enliven interiors without feeling too over-the-top. Try periwinkle on the walls of a powder room, or use it to update a piece of accent furniture. If you’re really ready to commit, paint your kitchen island or base cabinetry in the unexpected shade, or use it on the ceiling in a living room or hallway to draw eyes upward.


modern kitchen with purple rug and black ceiling

2. Bring in statement-making accents.

Periwinkle can make a gorgeous splash of colour in an otherwise neutral room. Bring in this vivid hue through one statement-making accent, such as a large piece of artwork or an upholstered chair. In this dining area, bright purple appears on a faux cowhide rug, which grounds the table and introduces an eclectic vibe to the modern space.

rustic dining table in room with lavender-gray walls

3. Go light on walls.

Very Peri is a vibrant shade that could be overwhelming if used all over in larger rooms. For a subtle dose of colour, pick out a paint chip that includes similar blue-tinted purples, then opt for the lightest shade as your paint colour. In this dining room, pale periwinkle walls are accented with black trim and accessories for a modern edge.

purple bedroom

4. Create a comforting bedroom.

As a warm iteration of blue, periwinkle fosters a feeling of comfort and familiarity in bedrooms. Incorporate the hue through accent pillows and throws to cozy up your bed, or establish a sophisticated air with long, flowing drapes in a periwinkle material. The colour looks especially luxurious on soft, velvety fabrics.

dining room with wall art

5. Sprinkle in purple accessories.

There are tons of ways to experiment with Very Peri without committing to a new paint colour or investing in new furniture. Start with a vase of purple flowers, artwork with a periwinkle palette, a set of violet-tinted glassware, or a coffee table book with a purple cover. Live with the colour for a while, and if you like how it looks, consider making periwinkle a bigger part of your colour scheme.

purple bedroom with green and blue accents

6. Pair periwinkle with nature-inspired hues.

Since this shade often appears in flower gardens, it’s not surprising that periwinkle harmonizes with other colours plucked from nature. Try it in a palette of analogous colours such as sky blue and spring green for a soft, serene look. For a moodier effect, opt for deeper shades like forest green and cobalt for your accent colours; these will prevent periwinkle from looking too sweet.


colonial-style home blue door purple shutters

7. Try periwinkle outdoors.

This lively colour is sure to make your house stand out from the street. Energize a lackluster exterior by using periwinkle as an accent colour on shutters, trim, or the front door. Go bold with a paint colour similar to Very Peri, or tone it down with a shade that incorporates plenty of grey, like the one used on this Colonial-style home.

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