Do you want an additional living space? Are you looking for a great way to increase your property value or generate more income? Why not utilise the additional space of the property and build a granny flat? This can be an exciting, cost-effective and money-making inclusion to your property! The granny flat may be a separate, attached to the main house, or a section of your house that has been transformed into one. You can even generate more income through renting out your granny flat to tenants.

However, when you are planning to build a granny flat in Sydney, there are several decisions to be taken, and without a clear vision of what you want to accomplish, it may quickly become overwhelming. Visiting various websites and looking at recently completed projects are great ways to get innovative or latest design ideas for your dream granny flat. However, it is not only the design’s aesthetics, there are so many other factors such as the layout, size, location, and practical aspects etc. to consider while building a granny flat at your backyard.

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Hiring Top Granny Flat Builders in Sydney Will Help You in this Process:

Deciding on the Appropriate Location for Granny Flat

Choosing the perfect location for your granny flat is critical. Not every portion of your backyard is the same, and you need to carefully evaluate it to determine the best location for your granny flat. The application process for a granny flat in NSW is very simple, but other states have additional requirements. Geographically, if you live near the ocean, your building designs and requirements may differ from those in an inland, rural location.

Choosing the Right Size of Your Granny Flat

Choosing the proper size for your granny flat is critical not just for your convenience but also to comply with Australian regulations. Different regions of Australia have different rules regarding the maximum size of a granny house. A granny flat in New South Wales can range from 40M2 to 100m2. However, you may be required to apply and receive approval for a development application. Before you begin planning the construction of a granny flat, you should familiarise yourself with the local regulations in your area.

The granny flat must not take up the entire backyard. Make sure everyone has enough outside living space. Experienced granny flat builders manage a large number of granny flat projects for their clients. These designers conduct extensive research to ensure that there is enough room in the backyard to create a granny flat.

Customized Layouts

When you collaborate with top builders they will try their best to understand your requirements and fulfil those accordingly. They will work with you and your loved one to create a layout that is appropriate for your scenario. For example, you might like an open arrangement with no divider between the living room and kitchen. Or, you may want a large bathroom or kitchen. The experienced builders will design and build your granny flat the exact way you want it.

Plan Your Granny Flat with Dwelcom Pty Ltd

There is a lot to consider, plan for, and know when it comes to building a granny flat. The skilled builders at Dwelcom Pty Ltd have been building superior quality granny flats for many years. Our experts are always there to help you from selecting the right design and size for the granny flat to building it according to your needs.

When you hire our experienced granny flat builders you can rest assured of the fact that they will carefully undertake your project. If you want to grow your current investment portfolio or build a granny flat for precious family members, Dwelcom Pty Ltd has the complete balance to suit.

Schedule a consultation with our friendly team to discuss your new granny flat building requirements.

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