When creating your ideal granny flat, you should try to keep your final interior design in mind. This can help you to plan the positioning and interior layout of your building. The interior design that you’re looking for can also have a big impact on the building materials that you choose to work with.

For example, if you want something ultra-modern then you’ll probably go for light wood and metal. Darker colour schemes and stonework will give your granny flat a more rustic aesthetic.

When it comes to granny flat plans it’s important to choose a design and stick with it. Chopping and changing your design throughout a building will be confusing.

If you aren’t sure how to marry all of your design ideas then an experienced property developer will be happy to discuss these with you. They’ll ensure that you can incorporate everything you’re looking for into your final design.

Want to know more about planning the interior design for your granny flat? Then here are some of our top tips!

Focus on Ventilation and Light Throughout

Natural light in your granny flat will immediately make it feel more spacious, while good ventilation keeps it feeling fresh. To maximize this, put your windows in places that will get the most sunlight (such as on south-facing walls.)

This might seem like something small but it can actually dictate the position of your entire property.

Don’t Block the Views

Long view sights in any property make it feel more spacious so try to maintain clear lines of sight throughout the property. Stairwell walls, short windows, and doorways can also shorten the line of sight, as can pieces of furniture. This is why open-plan options work well in smaller spaces.

Thinking about the positioning of all of these things will help you to create long lines of sight that make your granny flat feel bigger. So keep them in mind when putting together your floor plan.

Make the Most of the Ceiling Height

If you are working with a small space then height can make all the difference. This creates more space in a property even if you don’t really use the full height of each room.

Vaulted ceilings will instantly make your granny flat feel bigger and shouldn’t impact on your square footage. Depending on your building design, you can incorporate a curved or slanted roof into this.

If so, try to architecturally acknowledge this in your design. Beams might not be integral for your granny flat’s structure but they are a great way of doing something interesting with a high ceiling space.

Maximize the Storage Space in Your Granny Flat 

Of course, when it comes to smaller properties, planning storage carefully is essential.

Some of this will be determined by the interior design that you choose. For example, beds and sofas with built-in storage are great for smaller properties. However, a well-organized floor plan can make it easier for the people living in your granny flat to organize and access their belongings.

Built-in closets in the hallway and bedrooms can be particularly useful. If your property has a sloping roof then you can also use this to create some loft storage for items that they don’t need regularly.

Think About Your Own Home’s Design

If you are planning to build a granny flat on the same plot of land as your home then you want the aesthetics of both buildings to work with one another.

This is not only pleasing to the eye. It also means that when you choose to sell your home, you can market both buildings in the package easily.

If your home is extremely modern, for example, then an old-fashioned, rustic design will look out of place nearby. For real cohesion, focus on using the same color schemes and building materials in both buildings.

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