Mealtimes in these homes and in most family situations are moments that bring the whole family together. The love of good food and the bond of a family are openly shared with laughter and stories told. For busy households, mealtimes can be the only times that families can spend quality time with one another. An open and inviting kitchen, tailored to how your family likes to spend their mealtimes, can enhance these moments, making them enjoyable times to look forward to.


The layout of your kitchen is extremely important for interaction while creating meals. Most kitchens are taking an open plan arrangement with arching bench tops to face the dining area. This layout style assists residents to maintain conversation between those cooking and those in the dining area. Parents or grandparents with young children/grandchildren also find this style beneficial for keeping an eye on their children. If assistance, such as with homework, arise adults are never far away to respond without necessarily stopping what they are doing.

Our busy lives often call for the ability to multitask. The layout of your granny flat’s kitchen in relation to how you prepare meals can help make life and mealtimes easier and enjoyable.

Hoek Modular Homes Granny Flat Kitchen Open Plan

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands and extended bench tops are fantastic for extra work and meal preparation space, dining for two, serving or snacking. With the opportunity for great additional features such as storage and sinks, these areas are perfect for inviting more family interaction and functionality into your kitchen.


Countertop materials can shape the style and vibe of your kitchen. It is surprising what something as simple as a contrasting countertop can do for the feel of your kitchen. If you cook a lot with ingredients that have the potential to stain, (such as curry powder and turmeric) or like the ability to put a steaming hot pot on your bench; then considering a hardier bench top material (such as marble or granite) is a great option. Benchtop materials can include:

  • Laminate (post formed)
  • Stone (marble, granite, etc)
  • Concrete
  • Metal
  • Wood


Flooring throughout granny flats can vary, whether it is tiled in the bathroom, carpet in the bedrooms and wooden floors in the dining. Various styles can affect a room’s vibe and practicality in different ways. Carpet is often valued for its ability to be warmer on the feet in winter and soft for laying on and safe for young children and infants. Laminate, however; can be a more affordable option imitating luxurious textures, is cooler in summer and easy to look after. Due to the nature of a kitchen with food and often wet substances being moved about, easy to clean, heavy-duty flooring is considered a must. Laminate or timber flooring is often favoured for their ability to be easily cleaned and tolerate accidents such as utensil and heavy equipment drops with minimal damage. Tiles are also a great hardy material, however; depending on the style may take damage if heavy utensils are dropped or your home is prone to movement, causing cracks.


In a kitchen, the sink is one of the most frequently used sections. From washing hands and vegetables to washing up, accessing water and drainage, a sink does it all. The size of your kitchen sink and how many you have can depend on the use and preference. Those with a dishwasher often find it unnecessary to have two sinks, whereas those who hand wash dishes find it convenient to rinse dishes in a second sink. For large kitchens where multiple people assist with food preparation, many families opt for a second double sink on a kitchen island or elongated bench top.

The sink taps and fixtures can also vary depending on the method used to access water. Water coming in from different sources, such as bore or rainwater tanks will need separate taps, whereas water from a single source, such as town water could be encompassed in a single handled tap.

Power Points

Power point placement for kitchen appliances is important for convenience and practicality. Typically a power point should be located behind the fridge, microwave and oven compartments, and at least two double power points in separate locations on walls above bench tops for appliances. For additional power points and power point placements


Splashbacks not only stop grease, sauce, oil and heat from damaging your walls, they are also a great way to add some interest to your kitchen. With so many styles and materials on offer in an age where the interior design and construction industry is booming with programs such as, “The Block” and, “My House Rules” promoting luxury living, we are spoilt for choice. From hexagon marble tiles to reflective mirrors, sauce on walls is a thing of the past.

Hoek Modular Homes Granny Flat Kitchen Modern Splashback

Ovens & Stovetops

Stove top stir-fries or slow roasted oven meals can fill a kitchen with the alluring scent of a meal for hungry bellies. Affordability and personal preference contribute to many families’ decision between gas or electric ovens and stove tops. Gas cooktops with open flames that climb the sides of a wok to cook stir-fries evenly to perfection are perfect for meals requiring high heat and providing a country cottage aesthetic. Sleek, near seamless glass electric cooktops, provide gentle heat and simmer meals with ease, creating a modern kitchen feel.

Hoek Modular Homes Granny Flat Kitchen Tile Splashback


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