Bushfires have torn through our communities and devastated many Australian families. In the wake of this unimaginable ruin, our aim is to provide our neighbourhoods with sensible and achievable solutions to re-build their homes – more importantly, their lives.

A New Chapter – A New Beginning

Arguably NSW’s worst bushfire season of all time, and described by many as the “summer from hell” as countless hectares of bushland blazed around the state, the aftermath leaves communities crippled, and neighbourhoods laying in destruction.

As if this wasn’t damaging enough, many Australian families have now been dealt the final blow of discovering their insurance position. Unfortunately, a large percentage of homes were not covered adequately – some falling short by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“As a result of the unprecedented fires, under-insurance of the family home has rapidly become our state’s biggest problem. Community effort and innovation is our only chance of resolving this desperate scene quickly and efficiently. It is our responsibility to our neighbours.”

At Dwelcom, we have refined and re-launched a resolution that we believe to be the most viable option for many of our clients’ current circumstances.

Move On – Stay Home

We have property re-development packages especially made for under-insured families. Our solutions are aimed at allowing you to remain living in your beloved town on your family property, in spite of the fear and restrictions of under-insurance.

We will custom-build your new home, fulfil your immediate needs, and future-proof your family’s strategy – all within a budget. Dwelcom’s goals also include working towards the potential of even securing left-over funds for you to enjoy. Our complete range of services will quickly accommodate your requirements, along with ensuring your future.

Has your property been affected by the recent NSW bushfires?

Are you one of the many under-insured Aussie families?

Are you eager to quickly move forward but not sure where to start?

The Dwelcom Service

As part of our responsibility to our communities, Dwelcom has initiated our Bushfire Under-Insurance Solutions plan. Part of this effort is to come together with local residents, trades, and businesses alike, to provide the hundreds of under-insured bushfires affected homes with a specialised outcome, tailored for their current and future circumstances. We realise that this endeavour will require a joint initiative by many to help those in need. Our service is one piece of the whole puzzle that we’re grateful to be part of.

The Dwelcom Offer

Dwelcom has mobilised teams of consultants, supervisors, and trades in hard-hit areas. Our specialist team members are experienced in dealing with different types of natural disasters and the resulting challenges of re-establishing homes, neighbourhoods and communities.

Our Bushfire Under-Insurance Solutions consultation services are at no charge or obligation to those affected by the recent bushfires. Your Dwelcom consultant can visit you on-site (or wherever practically possible) to discuss your options, helping you to develop a plan-of-attack to re-build your home… and your life.

We will gladly assist you in navigating through the daunting initial approval process while we liaise with local councils and governing bodies on your behalf. Specialists in Bushfire Attack Level construction, Dwelcom will design, approve, and build your home, supporting your family through every step of the way.

Dwelcom Bushfire Under-Insurance Solutions

Move On – Stay Home

Contact Dwelcom and ask for our Bushfire Under-Insurance Solutions team on 1300 393 526

Our consultants are ready to take your call and help you start your road to re-build your family’s home and future.