On a positive note, the Prime Minister has announced that construction is an essential business.

This means that, for the foreseeable future, Dwelcom will continue with business as usual at this current stage of the Coronavirus pandemic.

We are continuing to see new construction projects coming through, and are trying to keep outside influences and media (social and otherwise) distractions to a minimum.

COVID-19 / Coronavirus Update

Dwelcom believes that fear must not be instilled at this challenging time. We need to focus on, and respond to the facts, as they are presented to us by the government. Dwelcom is currently working within governing guidelines, and will continue to make adjustments as advice changes.

If clients or staff are feeling uneasy, or wish to talk about COVID-19 in more detail, please reach out to your contact at Dwelcom at any time.

Dwelcom’s human resources division advises all of our clients and staff to remain vigilant, but not fearful.

Helpful Resources

Please speak to our staff for any further information.