Custom New Homes

Custom New Homes

Family homes, duplex, dual-oc, multi-oc, sub-division, low-density, medium-density: Every possibility, all custom

Dwelcom's expertise covers all facets of custom new home developments. Redefine the experience of building your dream home, Dwelcom is more than just another project builder. We proudly stand as your dedicated Residential Custom Construction Specialist, committed to turning your vision into a reality. From the intricate phases of planning and design, then navigating the complexities of approvals, finally undertaking the thorough process of construction, Dwelcom is not just a builder; we are your hard-working partner through every step of the journey. Join us as we redefine the very art of home-building, where every brick is laid with dedication, and every room constructed as a blank canvas for your unique story.

More than just another project builder


Dwelcom’s Five-Stage Costing Confirmation

At Dwelcom, transparency and clarity are paramount. Five-Stage Costing Confirmation ensures clear, concise communication at every critical stage.

The 5 Critical “C’s” of Costing:

Contract Signing


Council Application


Construction Certificate


Commencement Meeting


Connections Analysis


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