24 Hour Emergency Services

24 Hour Emergency Services

Make Safe Insurance Services for Brokers and Private Clients

The Dwelcom focus is to provide Fast Response attendance to your emergency needs, ensuring immediate remedial activity on-site. We’ll control and minimise any consequential or secondary damage, isolate the situation, and make the property safe and secure. Our specialty is total service excellence on each and every site.

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Our Approach to Emergency Response


Choose Dwelcom for Emergency Response

Swift Solutions

Timely and effective emergency response solutions 24/7, ensuring the safety and stability of your property.

Comprehensive Services Offering

Dwelcom's Emergency Response covers a spectrum of services, from Make Safe procedures to rapid structural assessments, providing a total approach to emergency situations.

Specialised Expertise

Rely on Dwelcom's team of experts with specialised training in emergency response, offering a skilful and precise approach to address a range of unforeseen challenges.

Safety Priority

Our commitment is to prioritise safety, minimising risks, and implementing measures to protect your property during emergency situations.

Fully Licensed

We operate with full licensing, assuring you of our professional standards and adherence to industry regulations.

Choose peace of mind in the face of unexpected events with Dwelcom's Emergency Response team.