Granny Flats Aged Care InformationMany challenges have been presented to us as a society due to the Coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19, whether quickly controlled or otherwise, will change the way we live forever. One serious consideration for the families of New South Wales must be the way that we house and care for our aging population, now, and into the future. The vulnerability of this precious segment of our population has been brought into new light, and their protection moving forward is of vital importance.

Nursing homes and aged care facilities around our state are not only over-loaded, but continue to increase in costs – proving to be a financial burden for all concerned.

A great consideration that has emerged in more recent times of virus and infectious disease, is that our aged family members have been faced with high-risk exposure, while being the most prone to severe illness – along with having the highest chance of fatal consequences.

At two opposite ends of the spectrum, facilities are over-crowded (when we’re to be exercising social distancing), yet isolating residents from family visits, leading to loneliness and depression. Even in a best-case scenario, our parents and grandparents live a lesser quality life, segregated from family most of the time.

Many of our senior citizens are still very capable of the enjoyment of day-to-day life, longing to share their days with their beloved family.

Unfortunately, there are many hindrances to the possibility of such a lifestyle;

  • the hefty cost of housing in our cities,
  • the usual length of distance between family homes,
  • the independence still required for the elderly,
  • the privacy still desired for the younger generation/s, etc.

The Advantages of Granny Flats

Granny Flats are the perfect alternative to the many negative aspects of aged care and nursing home accommodation, providing many, many advantages to the family as a whole.

Firstly, the social aspect cannot be over-stated. Families thrive when they are together, as individual members are generally happier and more content – especially those more needful. A Granny Flat will unite a family, and give the elderly a more intimate relationship with grandchildren.

This solution also brings with it the advantage of full and unrestricted access to our senior relatives – a right that has been taken away from us during the Coronavirus restrictions.

Another major family benefit to building a Granny Flat for elderly relatives is the ease of which health and safety can be maintained, not relying on organisations, policies, or procedures – especially in these uncertain times. This is especially important when it comes to times of emergency, where every minute counts.

Having the help of caring family within constant and instant reach brings much confidence to the entire family.

Granny Flats are fast becoming an essential way in how Australian families live. Our parents and grandparents deserve better a better lifestyle, health, safety, and security – something that is best provided by their loving family living on the same property.

This specific quality of life cannot be provided through any other form of housing or accommodation.

A Granny Flat is the exclusively unique answer.

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