Multiple Uses for a Granny FlatHouses turn into our homes when we build them up to be extensions of ourselves. Whether it be how we give character to our spaces through carefully selected decor or simply through the functions we appoint to each area of the house – we make our spaces work for us.

Granny Flats have become a humble pioneer in the way we can utilise and occupy space, especially outside our very own dwellings. They allow a block of land to be occupied by two homes – instead of one – which can then be used to house aging parents, single parents, newly-weds. Granny Flats are a great option, too, for the semi-retired to live in as they are fully self-contained homes simultaneously have the front house to be rented out.

On top of being the perfect option for those who cannot afford to buy a house, the Granny Flat is also an adaptable and flexible space. This means we can now simultaneously extend and separate our spaces for whatever purpose we choose to use them for – whether it be as a spacious studio, productivity-driven home office or – as they’re commonly used – a rental living space.

In our busy, fast-paced world – with more and more people choosing to work at home occasionally or full-time, it’s easy to let our jobs occupy a copious amount of physical and mental space in our home that would otherwise be reserved for making precious memories with our families. Building a Granny Flat as your separate working space away from your home can offer a peace-of-mind. On top of providing you a convenient and comfortable work-space, Granny Flats can also save you from business overheads in the long-run (especially if you’re constantly renting out space for a studio setting) and are adaptable to convert into living spaces and other uses. The Granny Flat is sure to be the quiet achiever of the lot.

Just like a granny flat we, too, at Dwelcom are flexible in designing a welcoming space that suits you.

When you trust us with the key to create your dream space into reality – rest-assured, it will be built from passion and pride. Dwelcom stands on a strong foundation of industry innovation and extensive experience Secondary Dwellings.

We have 3 core models to choose from: The Omega, The Anchor, and The Haven; each having their specialty features.

For a spacious studio: The Omega design is the flawless choice for a well-balanced contemporary work-space. Its soaring ceiling open up the dwelling while its linear form adds a sophisticated and professional touch without compromising room.

Our essential model – The Anchor, is the most liveable design that is adaptable to a variety of sizes and configurations. Whether it be for the kids to get a head-start in living independently, making room for your extended family or any other specialised use you require – The Anchor is your most practical choice.

For a luxurious holiday house just a few steps away from your home, The Haven design will welcome you with an open-plan living area as you step onto the alfresco entrance. The raked roof-line invites the sunshine indoors creating a relaxing and peaceful space that the name of this design righteously boasts.

If you’re looking to make a new home for something in your backyard – give us a call, or send us an email for a consultation and any questions you may have. We, at Dweclom, love to leave a lasting and wonderful impression on everyone we meet. Let us help your home do the same with our innovative designs.

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