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We love the NDIS

We work in partnership with Specialist Disability Accommodation providers

Our approach to Specialist Disability Accommodation is to invest in people with disability as early as possible in life, attempting to help improve their independence and later-life quality, direction, and outcomes.

Specialist Disability Accommodation NDIS AustraliaSpecialist Disability Accommodation developments are our purpose built and tailor-designed homes, made-to-measure for both general and specific requirements.

Another of our services are our Specialist Housing Solutions. These include both minor and major home modifications and upgrades to structure, floor plans, design, fixtures, items, and materials, etc. Our preference, where possible, is for our clients to remain living in the comfort of their own home during the short period of the modifications and upgrades project.

Examples of modifications and upgrades include installation of hand and grab rails, wheelchair access, ramps and railings, hoists and lifts, widening doorways, raising benches and sinks, lowering and reconfiguration cupboards and wardrobes, reinforcing high usage support areas and items, level thresholds, circulation spaces, location of switches, safe flooring and tiles, ample car parking, etc.

Repairs and upgrades will also be carried-out to existing modifications to comply with the National Construction Code (NCC) and the NDIS SDA Design Standard.

The overall purpose of our work is to provide a practical, fully-accessible home for people with disability –improving their liveability and quality of life

NDIS Accessible Home construction in Sydney

NDIS Verified BuilderWe aim to present high-quality disability housing models, modifications, and upgrades, designed to support residents as they develop their independence.

All of this, of course, being undertaken through close consultation with the resident, with sensitivity to all requests and desires, as long as building codes are followed.

A great point to keep in mind as you research your requirements under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), is that the government is currently helping in funding the construction of NDIS approved Granny Flats and home extensions (ground floor, and/or first floor). Applicants are being encouraged to build Specialist Disability Accommodation that not only provides the ease and comfort that residents with special needs deserve, but also allow independent living quarters on the same property as family and loved ones (via Granny Flats and home extensions).

Specialist Housing Solutions

Specialist Disability Housing Australia

By the same token, any of our Specialist Housing Solutions, including minor and major home modifications and upgrades are also very much in compliance with the specific guidelines, codes, and requirements of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Taking into account that this approach may generally house a large family, our aim is to balance the preferences of all of the occupants, while modifying and upgrading the family home to comfortably and suitability accommodate residents with specific needs.

Dwelcom prides ourselves in employing the vital help of certified Occupational Therapists. Every solution we plan, prepare, and present to our clients is produced thorough the invaluable advice that we seek from those highly qualified in this important field – our certified Occupational Therapists.

At Dwelcom, we realise that every client is unique, every family is diverse, every home is different – and every need is specific. Our business model is built around meeting every individual involved in the project, building an open relationship from day-one, studying every aspect of the task at hand, then reporting our findings – showing how we’ll achieve our client’s desires. This constant foundational process not only allows us to learn every facet of every assignment, need, and participant, but also helps us to discover, calculate, and allow for all costs involved.

Word-of-mouth and client testimonies are what sustain our reputation. We look forward to helping you achieve more than you thought possible for your family and loved ones, especially those with specific needs, deserving our help and commitment more than ever. Dwelcom – our service to our precious clients is the essence of our work.

Case Study

Accessible Accomodation NDIS Australia

Project Example: Senior Citizens Living Units – South-Western Sydney (NSW)
Client: New South Wales Government
Project Description: Design and construction of 80+ senior citizens living units

Project Summary

Incorporating both single and double-storey multi-dwelling buildings, several community centres, civil infrastructure, and major structural, architectural, and landscaping works. Working within and adhering to minimal government-set budgets.

All dwellings fully self-contained and compliant with disability housing and access building codes relating to – hand/grab rails, wheelchair access, ramps/railings, hoists/lifts, doorways, benches, sinks, cupboards, wardrobes, reinforcement, thresholds, circulation spaces, location of switches, flooring, tiles, car parking, etc.

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